Ķekava Municipality Waterfront Accessibility Map and Recommendations for Waterfront Development

The purpose of this project is to obtain in-depth data for the in-depth exploration of waterfront communities.

  • To learn how communities use municipality waterfronts in real life, to survey them, and to capture access points
  • To identify the potential for community participation in opening of a specific waterfront access point
  • To identify volunteers potential by determining whether the access point to the waterfront is currently being voluntarily landscaped and maintained. Who are the initiators? How do they see the development of their waterfront? Are the originators a legal entity?


  1. To map natural waterfront access points and their use/potential in communities.
  2. To develop recommendations for the improvement and accessibility of waterfront access points.
  3. To submit the project results to the Committee on Environment and Development, the municipal development commission, to organize one discussion on the project results with the participation of community and NGO representatives.