Strategic priorities

Perseverance is the key to success

With social inclusion and volunteering activities, the Society has become recognizable not only in Ķekava municipality, that’s why in 2019 and 2020 the number of organizations and active citizen that have close aspirations of the society and would like to join the organization has increased.

2019. In 2019, a group of active residents from the village “Kažoki” joined the Society, willing to promote the concept of a smart village, and in 2020 – fishermen and aquaculture professionals who, with the support of an engineer hydro technologist, want to raise awareness in Ķekava region about the role of aquaculture in the ecosystem and to gain the support of the municipality in its efforts to educate young people and society about the return of the Daugava ecosystem, ancient and modern fishing traditions. The Society quickly grew into an organization capable of summarizing the interests of a wide range of target groups living and working on the waterfront.

In 2020, the Society became a member of the Council of the Society “Partnership “Daugavkrasts” and actively cooperates in the creation of the Ķekava Municipality NGO platform. More than that, the contribution of the society is also expected to continue in the maintenance and improvement of the network of active citizens’ communities along Daugava River – the network of contacts between the inhabitants there.

In 2021, the team of our NGO won the Ķekava district hackathon with the concept of development of the waterfront of the municipality and invested 2000 EUR to develop a vision of the development of the riverbanks in Baldone in cooperation with students of landscape design of the University of Latvia.

No 2016. to 2018, two waterfronts were voluntarily cleaned: in Murdiņi and Ūdensrozes, in Ķekava district, in Sausā Daugava. There were two state-level smooth water rowing competitions organized in 2017 and 2018.

2018. In 2018 and 2019, the Society, in cooperation with the Partnership ZIED ZEME and 6 rural partnerships in the Daugava basin, mapped a new water tourism route in the Daugava, and developed the Daugava water tourism road sign.

In parallel with the aim of stimulating economic development in the municipalities of the Daugava, the partnership organized eight seminars or meetings, as well as interviews of 23 focus groups all along the Daugava River. The results of this project are available at

Additionally, the Society has attracted LEADER funding in four projects for the improvement of two shores in Ķekava municipality and Baldone municipality in order to open previously inaccessible water borders for the local community and to improve educated society, as well as to involve communities in volunteering.

2021. At the end of 2021, the Society concluded a protocol on cooperation with Ķekava Municipality Council, within the framework of which the Society was entrusted with the commencement of transnational cooperation for the development of several large waterfronts and their communities.

In 2023, the Society together with the Croatian Rural Support Network will explore the possibilities of encouraging the economic activity of coastal fishing communities using the methodology approved in the Daugava basin project “Daugavabasmalas”.