Kažociņi riverbank

Organized access to the Misas river in Kažokciem

The Kažociņi krast, maintained and well-arranged by our association for the community and rowers, is located by the Misas river, in the village of Kažokus, Baldones parish, Ķekava county.

The village of Kažoku was established near Dzerumi. The name of the village – Kažoki – was created from the nearby Kažoki houses. Kažok’s graves were also created there. The fur houses were part of the territory of the Dzerumi manor.

Kažoki as a settlement was established during the Soviet occupation as a horticultural society with 41 building plots. More intensive construction of houses and the village was established after 2000.

The improvement works of the Kažociņi coast in cooperation with the partnership “Ziedzeme” and using LEADER funding were completed by the association in 2021.