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Sandra ZIlberta

Sandra’s responsibility is the Society’s interdisciplinary cooperation in Latvia, cooperation with Riga planning region, rural partnerships, ministries, and professional Societys, as well as international projects.

Zanda Straume

Zanda is a smooth-water rower, a mother of two kids and within the framework of our NGO is interested in blue urban spaces, or urban water borders and their design.

Toms SMirnovs

Toms works with water sports development and healthy lifestyle projects at our NGO. He has co-organized two state-wide competitions in Ķekava municipality, in Sausā Daugava.

Evija Zute

Evija, a smoothwater rower and a volunteer, actively supports the development of accessible and safe waterfront areas. In our NGO she represents the Lucavsala community from Riga.

Valters Zutis

Valters Zutis, a young man from Lucavsala, is a smoothwater rower and an activist of youth projects. He represents youth affairs and the Lucavsala community from Riga.

Krists Straume

Krists from Ķekava Vimbukrogs is an aficionado of rowing sports, a smooth-water rower who represented Latvia at the Olympic Games and a designer of Olympic race boats. Krists wants to bring the sport of smoothwater rowing to life as a method of working with youth and as an integrated method of approaching well-being for all age groups.

Agita Ēķe

Agita is a representative of the Kažoki Village Initiative Group. She takes care of the improvement of the Misa River and the Kažoki Village in the Society.

Andrejs Aristarhovs

Andrejs is an enthusiast of Kažoki Village joint work events, SUP outings in Misa and outdoor life.

Rihards Bērziņš

The roots of the Rihards family are in the community of Dole Island and he represents the interest of fishermen – small businessmen in the society, as well as takes care of the preservation of the cultural and historical values of Dole Island.