Youth initiatives

Sport is not only an integral part of a healthy, active life but also an important informal method of working with young people. The experts of the Society are familiar with the needs and challenges of youth work and develop water sports as a method of inclusion of young people. Young people have the right to participate in decision-making processes.

The Society supports and encourages the participation of young people in all its activities. In partnership “Daugavkrasts” the Society represents the interests of young people. What is youth participation? Here is some information and a link: Young people have the right to participate in the development and implementation of youth policy:

  1. Engaging in the acquisition and provision of non-formal education and volunteering;
  2. Acting in school self-governance;
  3. Developing and implementing projects, as well as other initiatives;
  4. Participating in the activities of youth organizations, as well as other societies and foundations;
  5. Involving in the decision-making process of state and local governments that affect youth policy;
  6. By engaging in other activities aimed at promoting the participation of young people in the development and implementation of youth policies.

The Society provides an opportunity for young people to participate in all its activities: the creation of an idea, the creation of projects, the administration of the Society and joint volunteering. In the events organized by the Society, we always organize a team of youth volunteers and include volunteers in the activities of the Society.

2017. In 2017 and 2018, the Society organized a state-wide smooth-water rowing competition for young people in the Sausā Daugava. Seven sports schools and more than 100 young rowers participated. The Society cooperates with federations of paddling sports, coaches and supports the interregional cooperation in the organization of paddling competitions and water sports events.