Daugava communities’ unity for Latvia’s centenary and the future. Expedition 23.07.-5.08. 2018. 2018.

The aim of the project is the promotion of public participation, marking and mapping of accessible and safe water borders, practical development of an action plan, promotion of cooperation and exchange of experience between public and private persons (local action groups, municipalities, merchants, businessmen, businessmen, members, etc.), who adhere to the Daugava River, with a view to expanding the economic potential of the Daugava basin, tourism activities, entrepreneurship and employment activities.

The Society of Public-Private Partnerships “Zied Zeme” and seven local action groups (hereinafter – the LAG): the Society “Daugavpils and Ilu ̄kste municipality Partnership“ Kaimiņi”, the Society“ Rural Partnership “Sēlija”, the Society “Aizkraukle district Partnership”, the Society “Partnership“Daugavkrasts”, the Society“ Stopiņi and Salaspils city Partnership ”, the Society“ Krāslava district Partnership ” and the Society “Preiļi district Partnership”, have implemented a cooperation project – Daugava river basin economic potential development and research “DaugavAbasMalas ”.

The Society “Waterfront Development” organized the Daugava water tourism route exploration expedition, which took place from July 23 to August 5, 2018, with rafts from the Daugava upstream in Piedruja parish, Krāslava district, to the Mangaļsala lighthouse, performing 352 kilometers. The team of the expedition documented and measured the tourist waterway, stopping places, safe places around the Daugava HPP, as well as within 1 km of the coast – cultural and historical sites and tourism service providers on both banks of the Daugava. The course of the expedition was captured on video, photo reports, and panoramic images. It could be followed on the project’s website in Latvian and English, and on social networks.