Well-equipped two waterfronts for communities and paddlers

This year, the Society “Ūdensmalu attīstībai” within the framework of the LEADER PROJECT “Sudrabgārņa krasts” improves the Sausā Daugava coast in Ķekava Murdiņi, and within the framework of the project “Kažociņu krasts”– the coast of the Kažociņi Village community in Baldone parish, on the shore of the Misa River, to make it friendly to paddlers and suppers.

The project in Ķekava is supported by the partnership “Daugavkrasts”, which encourages the cooperation of active communities in Ķekava region, and the project in the village of Kažociņi – partnership “Zied Zeme”. Smoothwater rowers would wish to relax and to do sports in the Sausā Daugava and other waters of Ķekava municipality. They are convinced that paddling is a great addition to sports life for everyone, and would like to develop a water sports base and a school of skills accessible to all counties.