Sudrabgārņa kauss (Silverharon Cup) 2017 and Waterfront Opening Festival

When spring calls itself with the white snowdrops and the ice has floated from the rivers to the sea, not only the boatmen get excited, but all riverside fans, near and far, get together and celebrate the opening of the water season!

On May 13, 2017, for the first time in Ķekava, young people from all over Latvia were brought together by the “Sudrabgārņa Cup” smooth-water rowing master’s race and the “Waterfront Opening Celebration” youth festival.

At the competition, you could meet representatives of the Latvian Olympic Club and representatives of the European Fair Play movement. It was possible to try stand-up paddleboarding with a sup board offered by the Latvian manufacturer Prestol.

On the other hand, in the entertaining part of the holiday, the societies “Lūzumpunkts”, “Slackline” and “Pulse effect” offered to experience various balance acrobatics challenges and co-create rhythm pieces. The event manager Rūdolfs PuĪtis and DJ Kārlis Zariņš took care of the atmosphere of the festival.